January 3, 2019 MCBA MCLE Luncheon

Presiding Judge Donald J. Proietti of the Superior Court of California, County of Merced, delivered a very informative discussion of several important topics:
Merced County efforts to develop a “Homeless Court” patterned after successful models in San Diego and other areas. The Homeless Court is part of a County or City lead effort to provide “wraparound services” to help homeless.

Judge Proietti also discussed Dependency Court. He sits on the Dependency Court bench and he described the vital services provided to the community by the team of attorneys that practice in dependency matters and the various other agencies that participate in these cases. He closed this topic asking us to get more involved as dependency practitioners, as advocates, as foster parents and any other way we can help the children in the dependency court.

Judge Proietti also discussed the new Court Calendar going into effect January 7. He briefly described which courtroom each of the different judges are assigned and what types of cases they will hear.
He closed with a brief discussion of new laws effective Jan 1, 2019 and provided a list.

Judge  Proietti was re-elected presiding judge, Merced County Superior Court, 2018 and was appointed to Merced County Superior Court by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2009.  Prior to being appointed to the bench, Judge Proietti was in private practice with Allen, Proietti & Fagalde LLP, 1979-2009.  Judge Prioetti completed Law School at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 1979.