What do you, the volunteer attorney, get out of helping out at a free legal clinic?

I enjoyed the opportunity to help a couple of local seniors address their estate plans at a recent CCLS Senior Legal Clinic in Merced.

My two clients had “modest” estates.  They had questions.  They had concerns.  They wanted to make sure their heirs understood what was needed and what they wanted.

They were genuinely concerned about what will happen when they pass from this mortal realm.  They wanted to make sure their passing caused the least amount of disruption to their family’s lives.

But they did not know … what they did not know.

They needed a little professional guidance and help.

Sure, their issues were relatively simple and not very challenging, professionally.


It was FUN to help them!

It was GRATIFYING to be able to allay some of their doubts and fears!

The BEST part, was the relief and smiles on their faces that “someone” heard their concerns and was willing and able to help them!

Giving them a reason to smile is one of the best parts of being an attorney.  The knowledge and opportunity to help someone else is a great combination!

It is good for your psyche.

I challenge you to put a little effort and time into making the world just a little better place at your next opportunity.  The next MCBA community effort is on April 22 at Joe Herb Park!  Softball Flyer_v3_2

Hope to see you there!